Strictly Writing is Moving

Same neighborhood, different home.

Hi readers and writers, I’m so excited! Yesterday I did what I should have done from the start—I moved ‘Strictly Writing’, my writing section here, to its own Substack space and gave it a new name.

I thought it would be enough to just section off the writing stuff, but no—it needed a space of its own. Substack sends every section under one umbrella to everyone who has signed up, then leaves it up to them to sort it out and disengage from the sections they’re not interested in. I can understand why general readers wouldn’t be interested in the creativity and mechanics of writing, but at the same time it felt like I was relegating it to red-headed stepchild status. That’s tough when writing is the thing I’m most interested in. Nothing I do here could be done if I didn’t know how to write. I owe everything to that skill. So why would I want to stick it in a corner?

I wouldn’t!

So if you’re here and you’ve checked the box for Strictly Writing (or even if you didn’t), please take a minute to come on over and visit. I’m building a community for writers and right now it’s looking pretty empty. There might be moving boxes everywhere, but I’m always up for company. Come on! No pressure, no sales pitches, no nasty surprises. We’re writers and when we’re not writing we want to talk about writing. Right?

Come visit Writer Everlasting