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Amazon found these today and sent me a gift.

I have no idea how this set of long-ago memes found their way to Amazon, of all places, but when I opened their email this morning I felt as if they somehow knew how much I needed to see them again. I won’t even question how they got there.

A couple of days ago I went on a bit of a rant on my sister blog, Writer Everlasting, and again at Medium. While I still believe every word of it, I probably should have kept it in my journal where no one would ever see it. Now I have writer/readers feeling sorry for me when that wasn’t ever my intent. Some thought I was going to give up writing altogether, thanks to my incoherence, but others knew exactly why I finally blew.

The upshot is that I’m giving up on political writing for a while. Maybe even forever. And that means this blog will change, too. I can’t say I’ll never bring politics up again, but I hope with all that’s holy that I’ll think twice before investing both my time and my heart into what’s essentially a meaningless exercise.

(Please continue reading the writers on my blogroll at right, however. They’re the best!)

There are other more creative ways of making change and I’ll be exploring them. We’ve had centuries of music, art, poetry and prose that can protest and enlighten by making us feel and ponder without going into such a rage we can’t think straight or get through the day.

Sometimes it’ll be through humor. It’ll be good to laugh again.

I made all of these memes on Google’s Picasa when it was still a thing. I’ve never found a picture editor to match it. It couldn’t have been easier to use and the effects were smart and endless. Why did Google drop it? I have no idea. Another of those things I have no control over and can only rant about its disappearance.

So that was my rant. See how calm I was? I’m working on it.

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