I'm in Twitter Jail!

My first time. An enforced R&R. It'll be strange.

So this morning I went onto Twitter, as usual, doing my thing, boosting my causes, trying to save this damn country from itself. A tremendous job, but somebody has to do it.

I admit I’ve been spending way too much time Tweeting and not enough writing anywhere else, but if I’m going to participate in this national dialogue I have to go where the crowds are. They’re not here. (You may have noticed.)

I spend an hour or more every morning on Twitter, with more visits throughout the day to see who I’m going to have to set straight. (Oh, I’m kidding! You know that!)

And today was no different. Except for this:

When I try to click onto something I see this:

The backstory: Sam Stein retweeted this, based on the story he linked to.

And I responded to the quote, which, as I look at it again, never gets any less stupid.

Here’s the full quote from the Politico article:

“I’m a loyal Democrat, but if I have to start paying my student loans again come January I’ll be ready to throw up my hands and chant ‘Let’s go, Brandon,’” said a Democratic campaign aide, using the now popular euphemism on the right for “f--- Joe Biden.”

A ‘loyal Democrat’? Right. But that’s not the point here. The point is, a euphemism for ‘F—- Joe Biden’ gets off the hook, but ‘mama-smack’ is hate speech. Twitter does this all the time—puts actual ‘loyal Democrats’ in Twitter jail while real hate speech runs rampant.

I object to the entire Politico article, too, since the gist of it—’Dems are weak; Dems are in disarray, Dems aren’t saving us fast enough from that scourge whose name or even initials (GOP) can’t be uttered’—is the kind of dubious but delicious reporting Politico fuels up on in order to draw crowds. I tweet objections to them, too. Because they spend a lot of time on Twitter and so do I.

But I’m here now and it hasn’t gotten past me that if I hadn’t been kicked off of Twitter for 11 hours and 38 minutes I probably wouldn’t be. I would be visiting or hovering over there.

So the lesson is…

There’s a lesson in there somewhere. Damned if I know what it is, but I feel as if I’ve been sent to my room until I get what I said was stupid, stupid, stupid.

I’ve been mama-smacked by Twitter.

Well, shut my mouth! Until 9:38 tonight. Then I’m back!

I almost hate to ask - But thanks!

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