Friday Follies: Ted Lasso, Sheep hearts, and Johnson's Beagles

Hey! Did you see that typo and just not tell me?

I’m mortified! I just looked at the description of this newsletter and I’ve had ‘cultural’ spelled wrong for at least a month! I had ‘culteral’. It was even underlined in red, as it should be when a word is spelled wrong! Hellooo! And I never noticed! How could I have missed it? And why didn’t you tell me?

Oh, it’s not your fault. But I’m mortified!

(My exclamation quota is done for the month. Yes, I’m happy too! Too.)

Ted Lasso - Rotten Tomatoes

Tonight and every Friday is Ted Lasso night at my house now. I binge-watched the entire thing this week after nixing it for months, convincing myself after the first episode that I couldn’t get into a series about British football (soccer to us) so why bother? Then people I admired kept talking about it and I gave it another try. (Because I’m a sheep?) I need the captions but now I’m hooked.

Ted’s sunny positivity, even when he’s being humiliated, grates on some people but I’m not one of them. The acting is great and so are the story lines.

Just watched the newest. OMG! Hurry up, next Friday!

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Did you see the one where the sheepherder got his flock of sheep to form a heart to honor his beloved aunt’s passing? How did he do it? You’ll see.

Today is Lyndon Johnson’s birthday. He was born on August 27, 1908. Johnson was a character with a long history of juicy anecdotes—a reporter’s dream—but the one that got him in hot water early on is called ‘BeagleGate’ today. I remember when it happened, in June, 1964. It was worse than that time he lifted his shirt to show his gallbladder scar.

Have a delightful weekend. Here in Michigan it’s going to be hot, humid, and wet. But it could be worse. It could be Louisiana. (Watch yourselves out there, NOLA folks. Another big one on the way.)

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