Democrats, Which Side Are You On?

We can't win without you.

Good morning, gang. Have I told you lately that I’m a True Blue Democrat? No? Well, I’m in a snit today so here goes:

I spend a lot of time on Twitter and most of it is on the politics side. I’m not bragging, I’m not apologizing. It’s the way I usually advocate these days, except when I’m here. I like the format and I like the community, and, frankly, it’s about all I have energy for. I do what I can, relying on my more than 60 years of fighting the Good Fight. Every Democrat fights on the side of right (Not the Right), but come on! Honestly? We’re never going to agree on everything.

Big surprise, huh? So I started a thread today, largely because I’m so sick of hearing constant complaints about the Democrats and what they should be doing. Sure, they should be winning every battle, keeping every promise, skating through all of the obvious fixes that would make all of our lives infinitely better—and they could, without the reckless, ruthless opposition they’re facing every single day.

Even Stephen King. He’ll be back tomorrow going after the GOP but he did this and the damage is done. The naysayers on both sides love this stuff:

Oh. By the way. The Dems don’t have majorities in all three branches of government. King’s tweet is a lie. They’re hobbled in the Senate by filibustering, Manchin and Sinema. They barely have the lead in the House but still manage to approve needed bills—that go nowhere in the Senate. And has anybody looked at the Supreme Court lately? The GOP owns six of the nine justices. Republicans. Not Democrats.

Blame the Republicans. Every bit of this is on them. Look at that photo at the top. It happened. It’s still happening. It’s a fight that won’t end. And the Democratic leadership is all that’s between hanging on or giving up completely. They can’t win if the team is fighting them, too.

I’m on the side of the Democrats, but no rose-colored glasses here. They’re not perfect. They’re not as imperfect as the press and the insider naysayers would have us believe, but we have issues. They’re trying their damndest, against formidable opposition, both on their side and our side, but they’re never going to be all we want them to be.

Comments, as always are welcome.

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The thread:

The Truth. The Dems haven't held a true majority since 2008-10, and even then it wasn't a slam-dunk. So for more than 11 years the Dems have been blamed for 'not doing enough' while the Republicans go on their merry way running roughshod. The Dems are always at fault.

The Dems lose elections or squeak by because Americans are conditioned to believe we're lazy, we're incompetent, we're weak, we cater to the rich--when it's Dems and ONLY Dems who ever get anything done. Name a single thing the GOP has done for the good of the people.

One thing.

They fight every good plan the Dems come up with--and who does the press and the left blame? The Democrats. The Republicans don't fight fair. They cheat, steal, and lie--and that makes them who we should be emulating?

If the Dems had half the backing the GOP manages to get from their people we could move mountains. Instead, the nitpicking, the demands, the accusations COME FROM OUR SIDE. We're not a team. That's our problem. And until we support our team it'll always be this way.

By all means, add your voice, give your ideas, even demand attention to goals and programs, but don't wake up every morning plotting attacks on DEMS while they're trying to fight for the good against the worst bunch of scoundrels this country has ever seen.

Every attack from within adds fuel to the fire for the GOP. They love when you do that. When even our own people are against us, it proves their point. It helps to grow the idea that the Dems are useless, and every GOP voter takes note. So does every undecided voter.

How do we grow our base when so many inside our party show nothing but disgust, no matter how disadvantaged the Dems are in the battle to repair a country so badly damaged by the REPUBLICANS? I see valiant fighters going against all odds, while you see a bunch of wimps in 'disarray'

I see mistakes being made, but what do I really know about what's going on behind the scenes? I know nothing, and neither do you. I wish they would do it our way. Our way makes sense. It should be so easy. But our way has no obstacles.

What's right and fair isn't easy when ruthless, powerful factions gear up to fight it before it even begins. It's demoralizing to try to do good while everyone sees us as foolish, or clueless, or even rotten. Don't be 'everyone'. Know your facts. This team needs you.

And before you come at me for being a mindless Democrat, I'll point you to the dozens of pieces I've written over the years chastising the Dems. (Here, here, and maybe especially here. Just a few.) I do it because I love and respect my party and I want them to succeed. Their win is our win. Simple as that.

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